Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks 2019 For Businesses
January 19, 2019

A sustainable and scalable online presence in 2019 is an essential element of any small business. Anyone who wants to develop their brand, no matter the nature of the business, needs a professional website. Website design has also become affordable. You don’t need to invest much to get a website neither do you have to an expert or a web developer to get one for your business.

Having a website for your small business isn’t just about selling products or services on the internet, but also providing value for your customers. Here are some of the reasons why you need a website this 2019.

Customers expect you to have a website

Today, almost everyone uses the Internet to obtain information. The decision about what to buy and where to get them can be obtained through smartphones and tablets. The site you own will create an online presence for your company. Then your potential customers can learn more about your product / service. A website gives you an opportunity to take care of your customers, talk about your brand and show how serious you are about your business.

Today’s customers also expect your brand to be available on the Internet and provide useful content about your companyIf you do not have a website yet, there is a risk that the customer will find another company that has a website and patronize them.

What you offer appears on search results

According to a recent study, 80% of buyers conduct online research before buying a product or service. This means that if a customer needs a wallet, he/she will likely search for “high quality wallet.” If they know exactly what they want, they can search for “High-quality leather wallets in New York.” If your company sells wallets in New York, there’s a huge chance that your products will be found using that keyword. Getting someone to build you a website isn’t a big deal, you need to optimize it so that it appears at the top of Google search results when a customer uses such keyword. To optimize your site for search, you can, for example, use long focus keywords, use tags, meta descriptions and headings.

Your Website is an online billboard.

Your website is what determines if you’ll get massive sales or not. It gives you the opportunity to expose your small business to potential customers and enable them to find you using the right keywords. This solely depends on the marketing strategy you use on your site. You’ll have to optimize your site for search engines, social networks, blogs and PPC advertising.

Allows you to collect data and generate potential customers.

Online presence allows you to collect customer data, plan products and get feedback from your customers. Amazing features such as Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, etc. makes it easy to find out your customers demographics, the trending products being sold and make good plans on how to increase the productivity of your business.

If you encourage people to subscribe to your site via newsletters, blog posts or e-books, you can easily contact them.

Gives more exposure to your products and services

Your website makes it possible to display your products and services online and describe them in details using images and videos. You can even make it easier by offering helpful tutorials or videos, so that your customers don’t need to search for information elsewhere after buying your product.

This allows you to compete with major players in your industry.

It is possible that your competitor has a professional website for showcasing his/her products and services. Consumers, of course, will begin their journey to shopping through social networks, from their colleagues or through research. When they decide they want to buy a particular product or service, they start searching, and about 80% of them go online to find reviews, educational information and recommendations.

If you do not have a small business website, you cannot compete at the same level as your competitors. You also give potential customers a reason to buy from competitors.


Having a website is as important as anything you can think of. Besides, 2019 is a new year and you do not want to start very bad in attracting customers to your business. Get a website today and watch your business go “kaboom!!!”.