We create digital solutions to help you grow your bottom line. Our passion is to bring your customers and your business goals right within your REACH. We strategically map out the consumer journey to help you connect with the right audience and take them beyond the first step.

Our team of digital marketers and developers keep our LAB buzzing with fresh ideas and technological innovations. We take care of boosting your visibility, traffic, and conversion rates on social media. Whether your website needs search engine optimization or just a simple face-lift, we make your business problems our priority. At Reach Lab, your success is the measure of our success.


Our services are built upon the company’s four pillars

Performance Marketing


Followers, likes, comments, and shares are all part of the metrics to compute your Facebook engagement. We read between the numbers and provide data-driven strategies to deliver a higher ROI.


We play your cards right so that your website is just a click away from your waiting customers.

By strategically combining Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we make the search engines generate sales for you.



We offer quality-made websites for every type of business. Showcase your products and services with the look and feel that matches your company’s personality and tells your story. Reach all your customers with our responsive design that delivers seamless user experience on any device.


Business is always open when you can instantly attend to your customers at all hours of the day and night. We program chatbots with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to respond to your customers’ needs and to converse in the style that speaks to your market. With automated 24-hour customer service, your business is running even when you take a break.

Software Solutions

We make use of e-commerce technologies that fuel efficient and effective business processes.
We design user-friendly mobile and web apps that enable your customers to engage with your brand. We experiment with augmented reality and RFID, among other technologies, to develop customer experiences that make a lasting impression. We provide software solutions and innovations that are tailored to fit your present business needs and to bring you closer to your goals.


Digital Analytics

Data is the backbone of our marketing strategies. We help you manage, process, and secure your data, so that you get the most out of it. We combine reliable 1st and 3rd party data analytics and communicate the results with the help of data visualization software such as Tableau, SAS, Power BI, and Google Data Studio.


Consumer Mapping

Communicating the right message at the right time to the right market can turn a casual visitor into a loyal consumer. We make well-calculated marketing decisions by plotting out the stages of your Consumer Decision Journey. We anticipate what your potential customers might need, so that you can give them that little push to help them along the way.


Through deep-dive qualitative surveys, we gain critical insights into your target market. We determine which strategies will work by finding out why they work. We build your brand performance by studying consumer behavior and by working around the current market trends and opportunities.




John Barcarlos
Managing Director

John is an experienced digital marketing professional and worked for different companies including Yellow Pages Canada. He loves combining technology and marketing innovation to help create growth strategies for businesses around the world. His alter ego is Miles Borales, a nerd for numbers and anything data science.


Larry Pansalin
Technology Lead

Larry has experience working on medium to large-scale websites for local businesses, as well as large classifieds websites with millions of traffic impressions per month, and international markets. He was previously a CTO in Wunderman and managed a team working in a Lean-Agile development model. His alter ego is Tony Bark, a super tech nerd with a passion for innovation.


Jan Estuesta
Business Development Manager

Jan has worked in the industry as Sales, Accounts, and as an Executive Producer. The knowledge and experience he gained through the years made him into an all-around type of guy. He easily adjusts to any type of situation and can provide quick decisions to unforeseen circumstances. His alter ego is Hal Gordan, a stubborn fighter with the right values and mindset.


For Collaborations, Questions Or To Say Hi

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